How To Enjoy Reading Your Bible (READ Special Note BEFORE buying!)

How To Enjoy Reading Your Bible (READ Special Note BEFORE buying!)
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The three most common conversations we have about the Bible center around three questions: 1. Is the Bible true? 2. Is the Bible reliable? 3. Is the Bible practical? Certainly important questions. And yet, so many people answer "Yes" to each of these questions, and yet still don't read the Bible regularly.

Keith Ferrin makes the case that the reason is we're missing a very important question: Do you ENJOY the Bible? If we enjoy the Bible, we will read it. If we enjoy it, we'll talk about it. If we enjoy it, consistency won't be a problem.

After almost two decades of speaking and writing, Keith has compiled his "Top 10 Tips for ENJOYING the Bible." Tips that are applicable immediately. Written using stories, analogies, and common language, these tips are equally accessible for someone who is exploring, is new to faith in Jesus, or has been hanging out with Jesus for decades. If you want to enjoy the Bible - grab this book. Because believing it's true is not enough.



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